Group Health Cooperative Eau Claire Partners with Valera in Innovative Behavioral Health Management

NEW YORK, NY, January 22, 2018 – Brooklyn-based behavioral health startup Valera Health and Group Health Cooperative of Eau Claire have announced a partnership that will enhance behavioral health care management services for Group Health Cooperative members. Group Health Cooperative is a non-profit, member-owned cooperative and nationally recognized Health Maintenance Organization that provides high quality services to over 70,000 members of its community. 

Valera Health leverages analytics and mobile tools to monitor, engage, and connect patients with care teams while supporting behavioral health self-care. The company is currently working with a number of provider organizations, coupling its platform with a thorough analysis of organizational workflows to improve the wellbeing of patients struggling with or at-risk of developing mental health conditions. Using the Valera platform, Group Health’s care management team plans to enhance existing processes to better track patient progress towards goals, make connections to appropriate services, and monitor patients with depression and anxiety.“Improving the link with our members is always valuable. When technology can ease communication with members, help them self-manage their condition, and improve outcomes, then we are truly leveraging its value, and everyone wins,” states Pete Farrow, CEO of Group Health Cooperative. 

Rahul Dubey, Senior Vice President at AHIP and the Founder of the AHIP Innovation Lab (IL) in Chicago’s West Loop, observes that, “This unique partnership framework is proving to be the mainstay emerging practice for valuable behavioral health and comorbidity care models. . . .Valera Health’s intuitive consumer-serving technology, their ability to embed proprietary behavioral health care path expertise and their understanding of clinical workflows delivers a unique and positive care experience for Group Health plan members- who now have a very high probability of receiving appropriate, effective and measurable behavior health treatments.” 

“We’re proud to be working with Group Health on addressing mental health issues that impact chronic physical conditions and large populations. There is a huge unmet need and Group Health is at the forefront of using technology to create efficiencies and better outcomes for their members,” states Thomas Tsang, MD, CEO and co-founder of Valera Health. 

Valera and Group Health Cooperative look forward to expanding their collaboration to support innovation surrounding the recovery and care management of patients receiving treatment for opioid addiction.