Sterling Elder

Sterling Elder most recently worked at Evolent Health. She brings a breadth of experience in human resource management, recruitment team leadership, and clinical recruiting.

Noam Shahaf

Noam formerly served as Head of Technology and Strategy in an elite technology unit in the Israeli Defense Forces. He is passionate about building innovative people-centered products, and brings more than 10 years of experience managing projects in IT and mobile technology, cyber security and business research.

Thomas Tsang

He was the former CMO at a Merck subsidiary focused on commercializing digital solutions.  Prior to Merck, Tom was part of the team that developed the Affordable Care Act on the House Committee on Ways and Means and worked on the development of a national framework for the use of electronic health records as Medical Director at the Office of the National Coordinator for HIT, HHS. He started his career as Chief Medical Officer working at Charles B. Wang, a Federally Qualified Health Center serving the immigrant Asian population in NYC and served on the Board of Health for NYC.  He currently serves on several boards including BCBS Kansas City.