Emergence Health Network and Valera Health partner to bring novel comprehensive remote behavioral services using analytics and digital tools.

BROOKLYN, N.Y., Dec. 17, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Emergence Health Network (EHN) and Valera Health team up to fill huge unmet needs in the Texas behavioral healthcare marketplace. EHN, a leader in community mental health in El Paso County, Texas, and Valera Health, a Brooklyn-based start-up, partner to co-develop a comprehensive virtual behavioral health program using analytics, digital cognitive behavioral tools, and enhanced communication technologies including group chat and video sessions.

Utilizing a tech-enabled service model to create a virtual service line will be an innovative solution for EHN, giving better access to personalized services. Beyond the video feature, clinicians will support behavioral health management and self-care using other digital tools and analytics within the platform to augment their care and increase in-between session patient engagement.

“This opportunity allows EHN to expand its commitment to caring for residents in West Texas and hopefully to help usher these tools to other parts of the State and beyond. We want to ensure our systems of care are constantly improving, and this partnership takes us in that direction,” said Kristi Daugherty, CEO EHN. “It’s a big win for the delivery of mental health services and ensuring our client’s needs remain at the forefront.”

“We’re proud and excited to expand our partnership with EHN in this important new model of care. This will go beyond a video visit as we wrap analytics and data science around the service piece along with self-directed tools. EHN is leading the field as they think about patient-centered and accessible delivery models,” states Thomas Tsang, MD, CEO Valera Health.

Valera Health is a behavioral healthcare company that enables optimal behavioral health management, with a focus on improving communication, patient engagement, and patient self-efficacy leveraging data science and technology.

EHN is the largest mental health provider in El Paso County and provides services at 19 locations. EHN is dedicating to providing recovery-based services for mental health, and other related conditions to children, youth, and adults.