Staying Well Through COVID

Maintaining mental wellness throughout this pandemic has proven to be a challenge. COVID has impacted each of our lives in countless ways, and these drastic changes and losses have taken a toll on mental health worldwide. If you’re feeling especially isolated, anxious, angry, or depressed, you’re not alone! It’s normal to feel intense emotions, or even numbness. In this time of severe collective stress, taking steps to reduce stress in our daily lives can help us feel more relaxed and grounded. There are many strategies for staying well during this time, and it’s more important than ever to take care of yourself.

Take care of your body

Our physical wellbeing has a big impact on our mental health. Try to get enough sleep and eat food that makes your body feel good. Make sure to move your body, too, because even a small amount of physical activity can benefit your mental health. Take a walk around your neighborhood, play your favorite music and dance for a few minutes, set an alarm and stretch every couple hours, or do yoga.

Create time for your favorite activities

It’s important to continue doing activities that you love if you’re able to do them COVID safely. Make time for that cooking project, craft, walk, book, phone call, or bike ride.

Stay connected with family and friends

While we may not be able to be physically close with our loved ones, there are many ways to stay in touch while socially distant. Call or video chat with individual friends and family, or set up a group video call to check in with each other. Try new ways of virtually spending time together, like watching a movie with friends through a streaming watch party. If it’s not too cold, take a socially distanced walk with a friend.

Take a break from the news

While it’s important to be informed, constantly hearing about the pandemic and other crises takes a toll on our mental health. Take a break from consuming news, including news stories on social media. Disconnect from your screens for a little while each day and try a short breathing or meditation exercise.